Utopia 2

Running on desktop and device across some very high profile media and designed to drive intrigue around the campaign’s central visual, a series of interactive HTML5 rich media homepage takeovers featured the bloodshot ‘all seeing eye’

In keeping with the eerie and dark themes of the show, the advertising concept leveraged the sense of being watched in a very literal way. Whilst the campaign creative featured the iconic and arresting yellow that was an emblem of Series 1, the sense of paranoia was turned up a notch with the eyeball creepily responding to users’ mouse movements on the page reinforcing “the network is watching” campaign strap line.

If the task of effectively recreating animation sequences of the eyeball movement created in 3D for HTML5 wasn’t ambitious enough, the interactive HTML5 element known as ‘position detection’ (or unofficially as ‘cursor chase’) was an industry-first and required an intense collaborative effort with the team at Google DoubleClick who helped bring it all together. So excited were they with the outcome that they decided to showcase the creative in their rich media gallery